Specializing in fastening parts such as screws, serving as our main products, while also providing a wide range of specialty parts and machines for diverse applications, particularly in the automotive industry.
Our distinctive identity as both a trading company and a manufacturer propels us forward, molding the intangible value of knowledge, trust, and human capital that has defined the Fujita brand for over 80 years.

Manufacturer :MONOZUKURI

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to develop and supply high-complexity products that may pose challenges for other companies. This core capability forms the foundation of the Fujita brand, known for its reputation of Fujita will find a way. We also handle quality assurance for procured items.

Trading Company

With the collaboration of approximately 1,000 suppliers, we offer an extensive range of around 60,000 products and have approximately 1,000 customers worldwide through our proposal, procurement, and development capabilities. Backed by our manufacturing capabilities, we provide professional expertise and quality assurance, ensuring a promising future for our customers.