In 1997, Fujita launched its first global base location in Thailand. Since then, while maintaining our commitment to thoroughly addressing our customers' QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery), we have been delivering Fujita products to various locations around the world.


Fujita is capable of not only globalizing its business but also horizontally expanding Japan's high-level technology and products to global markets, embodying a global approach to manufacturing.

Global Network

Fujita Rashi (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the first overseas base founded, serves as the main hub, with bases set up in six countries worldwide. Each location not only conducts business with neighboring countries but also aims to respond more deeply and quickly to global needs through further expansion.

Global Products

Fujita utilizes the proposal and supply capabilities cultivated in Japan and responds to customer needs with a comprehensive approach at manufacturing bases, including those in Thailand and Indonesia as well as other locations, ensuring a global approach.