In 1963, Fujita Rashi Kougyou Co., Ltd. accepted a group of 20 applicants for mass recruitment from Kumamoto. With the same spirit as back then, Fujita continues to cherish human bonds and expand connections born from it, transcending regions, countries, and even the global environment.


  1. 1. Responsibility to Customers

    • We adhere to the principle of "Customer First and Quality Priority" and strive to earn customer satisfaction and trust by providing safe, high-quality, and environmentally friendly products and services at fair prices.
    • We also make efforts to handle intellectual property properly and protect the personal information of individuals involved in our business activities.
  2. 2. Responsibility to Employees

    • We comply with labor-related regulations and endeavor to create a lively, safe, and healthy workplace environment.
    • Following the spirit of mutual trust and mutual responsibility, we acknowledge each other's human rights and respect individual perspectives and positions.
    • We support the growth of employees to enable the creation of new value.
  3. 3.Responsibility to Business Partners

    • We adhere to the principles of "Open and Fair Transactions," respect our business partners, comply with laws and regulations, and work to build strong partnerships.
    • We strive for mutual research and creativity, aiming for long-term stable growth and mutual prosperity.
  4. 4.Responsibility to Shareholders

    • We aim to improve corporate value through long-term stable growth.
    • We enhance the transparency of management through timely and appropriate disclosure of business and financial information and dialogue.
  5. 5.Responsibility to the Community

    • We strive to preserve the global environment through our business activities and promote active contributions to the local community.
    • As responsible corporate citizens, we comply with laws and regulations and firmly reject relationships with antisocial forces.

May 2022 Fujita Rashi Kougyou Co., Ltd.
Takahiro Fujita, President


Case Study of Environment Actions

  • Implementation of Completely Chrome-Free Geomet Processing
  • Implementation of Washing Machine Using Alkaline Ion Water
  • Implementation of Complete Hexavalent Chrome-Free Treatment of Products
  • Transition to Materials for Easy Reuse and Recycling Within the Company as Material Recycling

Internal Newsletters and Notices Literacy Education

  • Education through internal newsletters and notices
  • Individual goal setting for each manufacturing facility employee
  • Implementation of study group


International Recruitment

We operate in seven global locations worldwide, including Japan, engaging in local recruitment in each country and striving to build an internationally diverse company. We place importance on combining Japanese values with those from around the world to create new perspectives and values.

Technical Trainees from Mongolia

Since 2007, we have continuously accepted technical trainees from Mongolia. With a focus on the interns' lives after training, we provide support for their Japanese language learning. Additionally, we assist them in participating in Japanese language composition contests. We are committed to providing comprehensive support so that trainees can accumulate rich life experiences.

Mutual Understanding and Respect Across Borders

At each of our global locations, we place a strong emphasis on embracing the local culture and traditions, including encouraging participation in local festivals and constructing chapels at the facility. Furthermore, as part of our improvement team activities, we invite team members from each global location to Japan for collaborative presentations and cultural experiences. Through these efforts, we aim not only to share technical expertise but also to cultivate new perspectives through mutual understanding.


Awarded Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

The activities aimed at prioritizing harmony with the local community, such as cleaning the roads around our company and implementing traffic safety measures, have been ongoing for over 10 years. In 2022, these ongoing efforts were recognized, and we were honored to receive the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award.

Local Community Supports

To actively participate in the development and vitality of the community, we actively sponsor and support local sports and cultural organizations, charity events, and encourage employee participation.


Our company culture values the importance of sharing our company's philosophy, beliefs, and policies.
Our newsletter, "Aozora," is collaboratively created by the internal editorial team and editors from each global location. It disseminates not only topics but also literacy education on sustainability and security to all employees.
Furthermore, from team activity presentations to internal PV videos and bulletin boards at each global location, we are permeating the culture of "sharing with everyone" and "receiving with everyone" activities internationally.