Through our specialized machines and tools primarily focused on fasteners, we excel in optimizing our customers' product manufacturing processes. Our strength lies in providing comprehensive solutions, from initial specification review to hands-on demonstrations, maintenance, and parts replacement.

A Comprehensive Flow Made Possible by Fujita

  • 1

    Consultation and Proposals from The Initial Specification Review

  • 2

    The Best Possible Solutions in Manufacturing Processes

  • 3

    Presentation, Implementation, and Validation

  • 4

    Deliver Products in Mass Production Upon Order

  • 5

    Maintenance and Parts Replacement


Proposal Proficiency as Fastening Specialists

As a leading fasteners company, we possess exceptional expertise in related machinery. We offer consultation and proposals from the specification stage for both the establishment of new production facilities and the expansion of existing ones.

A Wide Range of Products From Tools to Cutting-edge Machines

Starting with our main product, screw tightening machines, and extending to various tools, resin products incorporating the latest technology at optimal costs, collaborative robots, and contamination control machines, we generate customer benefits with a diverse lineup.


Introducing The Applications Where Our Fastening Machines Have Been Utilized.

Screw Tightening Machine

  • Meter Screw Tightening Machine
  • Engine ECU Screw Tightening Machine
  • Automotive Airbag Assembly Screw Tightening Machine
  • Manual Tightening Board Machine
  • Radiator Screw Tightening Machine
  • Airbag Screw Tightening Machine

Fastening Machine

  • Screw Tightening Machine
  • Rivet Machine

Assembly・Process・ Inspection machine

  • Transfer Assembly Machine
  • KizMIL🄬 Vibration Testing Machine
  • Vision Inspection Machine

Driver Feeder

  • AC Nutrunner
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Automatic Feeder Machine
  • Basic Model Feeder
  • Spring Barashi Feeder


Fujita conducts on-site study to leverage the strengths of products, confirming processes, and offering proposals for process design from manual to automated transfer assembly.
We offer comprehensive services, from estimating and proposing labor-saving and workload-reducing solutions using cost-effective and space-saving collaborative robots, to cycle time verification using dedicated software, and support such as updates, inspections, and program modifications.

Processed Parts/Jigs and tools

  • Safety Quality Processed Parts
  • Resin Products (MC Nylon, Teflon, PEEK)
  • Jigs and Tools (jigs for Gate Cutting Machines, Fixtures for Riveting)

Standard Manufacturer Products

  • Bit
  • Coupler
  • Small Compressor
  • Flowmeter
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment