Fujita Products Lineup Introduction

Product Lineup

  • Fastening Parts

    Fujita offers a wide range of products to meet various applications, including fastening products such as screws, which are among Fujita's leading offerings.

  • Machines and Equipment

    Fujita addresses all solutions in our customers' production processes, offering a range of options from screw tightening machines and tools to collaborative robots.

Drawing-Based Product Requests

Fujita offers more than just standard products from our catalog and also accommodates requests for drawing-based products, providing support from proposal and consultation to development and mass production.


  • Automotive Parts

  • EV Parts

  • Appliances

  • Construction industory

  • Industry/Vehicles

  • Furniture

  • Instrument

  • Security&Safety ,Emergency

Product lineup

For Metal Fastening Products

  • Self-Tapping for Metal

    Fujita proposes self-tapping solutions tailored to various applications such as preventing seizure in aluminum materials and fastening thin plates.

  • Press-fit Bolts and Nuts

    Achieve welding-free assembly by press-fitting into sheet materials. We have options suitable for high strength, high torque, and fastening thin plates..

  • Contamination-Resistant Screws

    Fujita proposes fastening parts to suppress chip generation and screws coated to catch foreign substances.

  • Lock Bolt and Nuts

    Fujita proposes eliminating adhesive application and increasing contact resistance with fastened parts to prevent loosening.

For Resin Fastening

  • Resin Self-Tapping

    Fujita proposes self-tapping screws tailored to various applications, designed to prevent loosening due to creep and boss cracking.

  • Insert and Outsert Color and Nuts

    Fujita offers various collars and nuts for insert and outsert, featuring shapes resistant to loosening and slipping and capped shapes.

  • Self-Tapping screws for Eliminating Color and Nuts

    Fujita achieves resin fastening with a single self-tapping screw of special shape, allowing for lightweighting and cost reduction proposals.

Other Solutions

  • Waterproof Screws

    Fujita proposes screws that balance axial force and water resistance, as well as screws capable of waterproofing without O-rings.

  • Positioning Pins

    Fujita proposes press-fit pins tailored to various applications, including those with strong self-retention even without pre-drilled holes.

  • Precise Stamping Processing

    Fujita is capable of producing high-precision products through stamping processing, achieving machining-free and processing of difficult-to-process parts.


  • Assembled Products

    Fujita offers comprehensive production, from resin molding of nuts and collars to press-fitting parts, reducing your workload.

  • Adhesive

    Fujita accommodates various fastening environments beyond bolts and nuts tightening. We propose adhesives like UV adhesives or epoxy resin adhesives depending on the situation.


  • Fastening

  • Assembly and Processing

  • Inspection

  • Manufacturing Automation

Product Lineup

Screw Tightening Machine

  • Specialized Package Screw Tightening Machines

    Fujita's Screw Tightening Machine is designed for specific screw size, achieving low cost and short delivery times.

  • Screw Tightening Machines

    Fujita offers a custom-designed screw tightening machine to meet your specific requirements.

  • NEJIROBO (Nitto Seiko)

    NEJIROBO is a dedicated screw tightening robot equipped with standard screw tightening functionality.

  • Single-Axis Screw Tightening Machines (Nitto Seiko)

    A screw tightening machine that achieves high-quality screw tightening with optimal thrust adjustment.

  • Multi-Axis Screw Tightening Machines (Nitto Seiko)

    A screw tightening machine capable of tightening multiple screws in a single operation.

  • FM503H (Nitto Seiko)

    Automatic handy screw driver that can be immediately deployed on assembly lines.

Industrial and Collaborative Robots.

  • DENSO Robots (DENSO)

    A highly functional and versatile industrial robot.


    An affordable collaborative robot made in China that is available for use.

Specialized Machines (Process,Assembly, Inspection)

  • Specialized Machines

    Fujita offers proposals starting with initial stages such as specification reviews and prototype trials, providing suggestions for optimal process design.

Jigs and Tools・Processed Parts

  • Jigs and Tools

    Fujita proposes solutions for your needs and applications from numerous suppliers.

  • Processed Parts

    Fujita offers services for individual item orders as well as comprehensive processing for machine parts.

Manufacturer Standard Products

  • AC Servo Driver (Nitto Seiko)

    Fujita's original screw tightening machine for specific screw size range to achieve low cost and short delivery times.

  • Electric Screwdriver (Nitto Kohki)

    The electric driver can be introduced immediately into the manual tightening process.

  • Feeder (Otake Root)

    The affordable supply machine can handle tasks ranging from single-piece feeding to quantitative feeding.

  • Bits (Nitto Seiko, Omi Seiki)

    Fujita provides bits to meet your needs, from standard specifications to custom options.

  • CUPLA (Nitto Kohki)

    CUPLA is a fitting used for piping in injection molded products and cooling water.

  • Compressor, Vacuum Pump (Nitto Kohki)

    The machines are capable of supplying air and generating vacuum with only power, regardless of location.