With the technology and knowledge cultivated in Japan, as well as a commitment to respecting the culture and customs of each country, we provide specialized fastening processed parts and fastening machines, focusing on fastener parts, to Japanese companies expanding globally and local companies, ensuring "Quality, Price, and On-time Delivery".


Fujita Rashi (Thailand) Co.,LTD.
700/40 Moo 6,Tambol Donhuaroh, Amphur Muang,
Chonburi, 20000, Thailand TEL+66-38-458-811

Founded in 1997, Fujita Rashi (Thailand) Co., Ltd., known as FRT, stands as Fujita's first global location, representing Fujita's global operation model. As Fujita major global location, FRT engages in the daily manufacturing of fastening components and specialty parts. Additionally, we ensure the same level of quality assurance as in Japan while also procuring from local suppliers.


PT. Fujita Rashi Indonesia (Sales company)
Jl.Kenari 1 Blok G1-16 Delta Silicon5,Lippo Cikarang,Bekasi,
Jawa Barat17550, Indonesia TEL+62-21-2962-8621
PT. Fujita Rashi Manufacturing Indonesia(manufacturing company)
Jl.Kenari 1 Blok G1-16 Delta Silicon5,Lippo Cikarang,Bekasi,
Jawa Barat17550, Indonesia TEL+62-21-2947-1969

Founded in 2013, PT. Fujita Rashi Indonesia and PT. Fujita Rashi Manufacturing Indonesia, known as FRIA and FMIA, respectively, are the locations for sales and manufacturing of fasteners. There are numerous Japanese automakers that hold significant market shares in Indonesia, similar to Thailand. They offer a wide range of products, including automotive fastening components and various other items.


Fujita Rashi (USA) Corp.
1670 Dolwick Drive, Suite 10 Erlanger, Kentucky 41018 U.S.A. TEL+1-859-525-7100

Found in 1999, Fujita Rashi (USA), known as FRA, stands as Fujita's second global location. With a focus on QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) and leveraging our global procurement network, FRA serves a wide array of needs extending beyond automobiles, including electronics.


Zip Code:510620
羊城国際商貿中心西塔906室 TEL+86-20-3736-2576

Founded in 2006, Guangzhou Fujita Luo Trading Co., Ltd., known as FRC, is located in Guangzhou, southern China, where many Japanese companies have production bases. FRC fully utilizes local procurement and provides a wide range of products, including fastener parts, to both local Japanese and non-Japanese companies.


Fujita Rashi (Europe) s.r.o.
Logisticky areal P3 Prague D1 Hala DC02 Vsechromy c.p.65, 251 64
Strančice Czech Republic TEL+420-284-680-091

Founded in 2012, Fujita Rashi (Europe) s.r.o., known as FRE, is located in the industrialized country of the Czech Republic, where many Japanese companies are expanding. FRE serves not only the Czech Republic but also acts as a sales hub for Eastern Europe and other countries in Europe, providing fastener parts and a wide range of other fastening products.


Fujita Rashi Mexico,S.A. de C.V.
Av.San Jeronimo 310,Piso 21,Col.
San Jeronimo,Monterrey,Nuevo Leon,Mexico C.P. 64640 TEL+52-81-1767-2026.(Ext.132)

Found in 2020, Fujita Rashi Mexico, S.A. de C.V., known as FRMX, is located in Mexico, the world's eighth-largest automobile market. As of 2023, FRMX utilizes a global procurement network to supply our products to the U.S. and plans to expand to other South American nations in the future.