Through collaboration between related departments from the prototype stage and utilizing our in-house mold manufacturing machines, we can offer high-quality solutions even for highly challenging products that other companies may find difficult to produce. This is one of the reasons why Fujita is continually praised with "Fujita will find a way" - our development capabilities.

A Comprehensive Development Flow

  • 1

    Conduct Customers Interviews

  • 2

    Discuss Based on Drawings in Internal Meetings.

  • 3

    Process Design・Jig and Tools Design

  • 4

    Prototype Manufacturing・Quality Evaluation・Delivery

  • 5

    Quality Assurance Meeting ・ Start of Mass Production


Focus on QCD From The Drawing Stage

The commitment to QCD begins at the prototype stage. All team members, including sales, engineering, quality assurance, and manufacturing, collaborate from the early stages to conduct verification from various perspectives.

Prompt and Accurate Prototype Products.

Fujita utilizes in-house mold manufacturing machines and molding analysis to swiftly and accurately assess the feasibility of forging processes. By conducting verification during proposal stages and mass production, we ensure a smooth transition from prototype to mass production.

Connecting to the Future: The Spirit of Innovation

While various industries are undergoing transformation, Fujita is increasingly called upon to explore new technologies and fields. As fastening parts are required to be "smaller, thinner, and lighter," we aim to pioneer the new era with high-level expertise and dedication..